Monday, December 7, 2009

who doesn't love a good pie?

Over-due update! Lots of pics.

Starting off with some pics of desert from thanksgiving. I've been making apple pie for three years now. I still suck at it! haha, the bottom crust is always soggy. I think maybe it's too much liquid or something... I will figure it out one day.

The first year I started making pies I even tried to make my own crust. It was okay, but using Pillsbury frozen pie crust and rolling it out is good enough. I'm no Martha. Anyhow, this weaving technique is pretty easy. I found out how to do it online. The crust technique took me forever to track down. You just pinch it with your thumb and the knuckle of your pointing finger.

Persimmon Torte
I whipped this up with the extra pie crust. Couldn't bare to throw it away. I managed to make two of these and one apple torte. I had no idea what I was doing, but my dad really liked it! It's really small btw, fits in your hand.

Apple Torte
Just slice up apples, throw whatever you threw in your pie mix, and then throw it in the oven...

Dad's man-haul from Black Friday. We woke up at 3am to get to Sears. We have never done that before! It was fun! We hit 5 stores that morning. Sears, Target, Wal-mart, Tuesday Morning, Home Depot.

First time at a Buddhist Temple in the USA. They had lots of cool statues. The family went to honor my grandma.

Saved the silly photo for last. Made the sister do a stupid pose. Are they still selling this stuff? Domo is so cute!! I love him(it)!

To view the pics larger, there is a little arrow that pops up in the left corner of each photo. Does anyone actually click on this? Does anyone notice it?