Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my mailbox is stuffed

Just posting things I should have posted looong ago. :) This is for those of you who like to look at photos of stuff. haha!

Check out these amazing handmade cards by Calia! I am so impressed with these cards, so creative and detailed. eee! I love handmade paper things. Thank you! They will go to special people. I keep staring at them thinking "how'd she do it?" She's also having a giveaway on her blog!

So I won this giveaway (2nd place) from Maria awhile back. It was one of the first ones I entered, really surprised to win! Thank you!

My order from Sephora awhile back. Loving these Make Up For Ever pencils so far. Will do a review once I use them some more! I also got a little benefit lipstick sample to try! I usually hoard new items, and never try them until a month later. Megan likes it, so I'll try it soon! I only got into liking lipsticks after blogging. I used to just stick to foundation. Blogging has made me poorer! All these new products to try and buy. But it's all fun!

I always save stuff to use in the future. But that day never comes and I find this old but new product around my room. Anyone else know the feeling?

Even though I still don't know your favorite perfume, the winner of the secret VS giveaway is kittynail. :) You have until today 1pm cst to email me at julujewelry@gmail.com with your mailing address. (12 hours) I will pick another winner if you do not email me by then! Wow, didn't know there was such love for VS products from overseas. Will be putting up more surprise giveaways!

I was doing some cleaning, and I filled up a giant shopping bag full of just plain packing paper that is from online orders. I hate how Sephora will pack a small tube of lipstick in a giant box with tons of tissue. Other beauty places too! Well, the mufe pencils were shipped in a bubble mailer this time(a first!), but then my next package was in a box again. I dunno what their system is, but it's wasteful!