Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December My Pretty Pink Box Review

I wanted to post this before December is over! Only a couple more days!!

I finally decided to join in on the whole My Pretty Pink Box (MPPB) madness. I noticed that this month it was eyeshadow heavy. That's really the reason I decided to buy one. Plus I've been craving some new EDM stuff.

MPPB's list of sponsors from their website:
*Everyday Minerals- 2 full-sized shadows
Skin Nutrition
*Sassy Minerals- 1 full-sized shadow
*He Qi Crystal Designs- 1 crystal phone fob
*Abbey St. Clare- 1 full-sized shadow
*kNotes for kNitters- 1 hand creme sample
Digital Soaps
*The All Natural Face- 1 shadow sample
*Lux Addiction- 1 coupon

*- is for the companies that were included in my box

My thoughts on the box:
The site claims you will get samples from 6-8 retailers and you will have atleast 2 full-sized products. I got things from 7 retailers and 4 full-sized shadows. So I got everything that was promised! :) Some people like surprises, but I don't when it comes to my money. I kinda wish I could've tried Skin Nutrition, but oh well! That's part of the "fun" of MPPB. You never know what you'll be getting.  MPPB is $10.49 + $3 shipping = $13.49

Linda, the owner of mppb also has sample bags for $11.50 including shipping.
With the My Pretty Sample Bag you can get 5 items of your choice. I looked at this month's offerings, and I noticed I could've gotten 4 full-sized eyeshadows and 1 lip gloss. Or 2-3 full-sized shadows, plus a sanitizer, and skincare stuff. I think that's a much better deal since I can pick what I want. Instead of getting 6-7 items I may or may not want, I'd get 5 I picked. The EDM is listed on there now and you get 2 eyeshadows! Prolly the same ones I got with my box. So honestly, if I had looked at the Sample bag first, I would've gone with that over the box. It's only a $2 difference so I feel really cheap saying this, haha!

The December box is sold out now, and there's no January box so I would recommend the sample box if you're looking for new companies and products.

So all in all, it is fun to try new companies and not have to pay separate shipping for samples from a bunch of different companies. Linda's shipping is low so that it is a good convenience. If you tried to get samples from 5 different companies, you'd prolly pay $2 per place each, which is already $10 just for shipping. I really admire her business sense for putting all of this together!

The Pretty Red box for Christmas!