Wednesday, December 16, 2009

shopping by blogs

Stuck on what to buy for your loved ones for Christmas? Checkout these blogger shops from around the world! You'll find unique and handcrafted goods here! These are items I purchased plus a holiday swap!

First up, herrohachi by Kym. She makes hilarious t-shirts! She'll even do a custom one for you. Got any ideas? Check out this Canadian!

Thank you for all the extras! <3 This one is for my slave! Sorry about the late posting. I thought she may look on here, but she doesn't. She sees enough of me! I love this shirt. Very cutely designed! Not too fobby, lol. When I went back to VN I wanted to have a shirt that said "hotter than texas" on it. I don't think I'm hot btw. It's part of the joke. Okay, random joke only I get. :) Now buy a shirt, and tell her I sent you!

Audrey of Drey Jewelry has gorgeous and unique designs from France! Her jewelry is k-fashion meets France. When I saw these earrings, I was like "MUST BUY" even with all the jewelry I make myself. You'll feel the same when you see her other pieces. She was kind enough to send clay cake and some caramels along! The best caramels I ever had, seriously. I just <3 all French things!

We all know and love Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs. We did a holiday swap! Thanks for all the goodies! Love the masks, tags, and pigments! You will find designs to go crazy over here as well. She's even giving one of them away this month!

Plus, don't forget my shop, Julu Jewelry! It's always open!

Gotta pimp my goods, lol!