Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circle Lenses, Pretty & Cute Store

*Update* They no longer sell contacts! It is illegal to sell any contacts without confirming a valid prescription in the US. You can still buy from companies based in Asia though!

I decided to order circle lenses last week after researching and trying to find the best place to order. It came down to www.prettyandcute.com! They have a great promotion going on where you either get FREE shipping or a FREE contact lens kit. They are so cute! $8 value! Circle lenses are meant to enlarge the eyes with the black rim you can see in the photo above.

Why buy from P&C?
The difference between this circle lens site and others is that they have many lenses IN STOCK so you don't have to wait 2-3 weeks (or a month) in a batch! Pretty & Cute's time frame is 2-3 days! I ordered mine on Monday and I got it on Thursday!! SO FAST! The owner Janie is SO SO nice! She responds VERY quickly and even fixed her website when I noticed a typo!

Free pair!
Every 5th referral who buys gets you a free pair! You also get 1 point for every person who goes to the site and says you brought them there. You can email them or fill out the form on the home page. Just mention Stephanie Tran sent you there! I think you can get a free pair for every 5 you order yourself!

This is my order with the uber-cute lens kits! They arrived safely in lots of bubble wrap placed in a small box. Also, every month there is a raffle, and I just found out that I won for August! Hello Kitty speakers! Thanks so much!

How are the lenses?
I wear acuvue oasis, and I find those really comfortable. When I first tried the circle lens, it was weird I admit. I could feel it on my eyeball. It took a little bit of getting used to. I love to wear them because they make me feel "pretty & cute."

GEO Angel Grey lenses with prescription. $20. Love Grey! I think Michelle Phan wore these!

GEO Angel Black lenses without prescription. $20

My sister with her Angel Black lenses. She wanted something dark and dolly. I think Angel Black does this perfectly!

What color?
If you are confused about what color to get, I would try Angel Grey, Nudy Grey, Angel Brown, or the Adult Series ($25). I would also stick to 14mm diameter lenses. Anything bigger than that is not comfortable to me. I have Fresh Looks (14.5mm), and I find them annoying. Also, the Honey Wing series is nice too! Let me know what you got! (or will get!)

First Time for Lenses?
If you are first time contact lens wearer, then I would suggest doing research on how to properly handle contact lenses. Once you do that and are ready to order, don't forget the contact lens kit. It's very handy for first-timers. It has a mirror, mini bottle, padded tweezers, lens case, and of course cute designs!

Also, check out my Jewelry Blog, Julu Jewelry! Mention Pretty&Cute and you'll get a discount/freebie!