Saturday, September 26, 2009

piggie swap with Rina!!

These are the cutest handmade items in the blogger community! Have you visited Rae's blogger? It has the cutest stuff! She graciously swapped with me for some Julu Jewelry. I'm honored!

I was so surprised when I saw the big box on my porch! Filled with it were these lovely goodies! The Hello Kitty lunch bag is so cute! We now have matching bags! :) When I opened the bag I couldn't believe how much cute stuff was in it. It was a never-ending surprise of hello kitty treasures! Thank you so much. Masks! candy! makeup! cuteness! You are the best RINA!

Miss piggie checking herself out! omg, I love argyle, piggies, and blue!! My favorite things!! I have to keep an eye on them; they may get stolen by my sister.

Matching bow for me! haha, these will fill my pet void. I always wanted a real pig as a pet. One day...