Monday, September 21, 2009

Turn Pennies into Magazine Subs

You can get InStyle Magazine for $5.00 (1-year) or Marie Claire Magazine for $5.00 (2-years) from!! I'm currently trying to decide between the two. I think I'm gonna go for the Marie Claire since it's two years. This is a limited offer for the Instyle (expires 9/26). They feature one mag a week I think. The Marie Claire offer is through September when they are discounting $5 off certain mags.

Marie Claire

Which should I get? What are you going to get?

Turning pennies into Magazine Subs? YES! Just gather all your loose change and head on over to your nearest CoinStar machine! I do this all of the time. You can get a gift certificate to Amazon instead of having to pay the fee on the CoinStar machine. After they count the coins, you get a print out with a redemption code to enter into Amazon. It's so easy and fun! Not all CoinStar machines will do this, and you need to have more than $5 in change. One time I only had $4.89, so I had to leave the machine and run to my car to find more change!!

With all the beauty blogs out there, who really needs magazines anymore, right? Maybe for some, but I still like them! I currently get Elle and Allure.