Friday, April 13, 2012

April myglam bag review and surprise bag

This is my first myphan myglam bag, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. There have been good and bad said about this company who copied Birchbox, who copied My Pretty Pink Box. It's $10 (same as birch) and you get 4-5 deluxe and full size products (same as birch) every month in a bag/pouch. This month it's metallic pink! ($2 value?)

This month's theme is Girl's Night Out.
Shadow brush and liner brush - $2 value each?
The quality reminds me of Sephora collection brushes. It's actually a nice brush and densely packed.

Urban Decay 24/7 travel size liner in Woodstock - $6.40 each
You had the possibility of 3 colors. I would have preferred Perversion or Ransom but hot pink eyeliner will have to do. It'll be a challenge to make a wearable look.

Dermstore Lip Quench - $12 full size
A glossy lip moisturizer in a pale pink shade. Haven't tried it yet.

All-belle lashes in 2822 - $2?
Handmade in Taiwan. They don't look too bad but I've seen better. Like most Asian lashes it comes with a small vial of glue.

To add up the value of this month it's $24.40 and I consider that estimate generous. If you're paying $10 you should only hope to get something valued at $10-$12 anyway, right? Since that's half of my estimate I'd say this box was worth it. But will it satisfy everyone? No, because many people think they should open it to find makeup gold or something that looks like this:

This is the "Never Gonna Happen" bag for $10... Full size Mac brush! YSL! full size shadow OMGZ!

shipped on time
this month's samples were good
$10 to try won't break the bank
listens to customer feedback

no points system or referral system
no store
no personalized picks (everyone gets the same thing)
no skipping the month
new company (will have glitches)
the card explaining everything was cheap looking. hire a new designer please!
very basic website

Will I keep my subscription for May? Not sure, but I think I will cancel. I have way too many samples as it is. I do think it's worth trying ONCE though. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Half Moon Nails

The first time I saw the Half Moon Nail trend I wasn't a fan but after seeing it with pretty pastels I'm a convert! This is my first go at it. If I had a true white I probably would have done these differently. Also you usually don't see this look with a trim but I flubbed it so the white trim covers up my mistakes. The white trim gives it that Easter Egg look.

How to:
  1. Paint your nails the base color (top part). Make sure to paint the whole nail.
  2. Wait for it to dry completely or use seche vite to speed it up.
  3. Use Hole Reinforcements and place them on the top part of your nail where you want to keep the base color showing.
  4. Paint the bottom portion of the nail any color (same or different ones to complete your look).
  5. Remove the reinforcements carefully to reveal your half moon shape!
  6. Add a middle trim with a thin brush or skip this if your application and sticker removal is clean.
  7. Apply a top coat and let it dry!

Colors used:
Etude House BL501 Cloud Milk - pinky
Revlon Lilac Pastelle - ring finger
Revlon Cafe Pink - first finger
Revlon Electric - middle finger
Revlon Pale Cashmere - top moon
Rimmel French White - trim

Happy Easter!