Monday, February 28, 2011

Brunch and Makeovers - DFW Blogger Meetup

This past weekend I attended the DFW Blogger Meetup at Northpark Mall put together by Kileen of Cute and Little. I was really nervous since I was only familiar with two of the bloggers planning to go. I was under the impression that the other bloggers knew each other or were at least long time Cute and Little followers. It turns out some of us just recently heard about it, and I was not the only person who was not familiar with everyone. Once I sat down and started chatting I wasn't nervous anymore. Everyone was so nice! It was so much fun, let me show you the pics. (Most courtesy of Kileen.)

Fashionably on-time bloggers! Obviously I was late. Silly Saturday morning traffic. Who knew? A normal 40 minute drive took an hour and a half!
From left to right: Tina, Angga, Jen, Ivonne, Kileen, Tasha, Charis
If I messed up your name or link please let me know.

We planned to eat at La Duni but ended up at Cibus Italian Restaurant instead.

Brunch/Lunch was at 11am. We ended up in a private room!