Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tag- who do you watch on youtube?

So I thought I'd start an easy tag! I tag you all!

Who Do You Watch On YouTube?
1. Post the name of ONE YouTube user.
2. Embed one (or more) of your favorite videos from them.
3. Why do you like this person?


A few of her videos are friggin hilarious. She's a nice break from all the other beauty gurus out there. Also, her videos are not over 10 minutes! That's just too long to contain any good content. Apparently she even made it to the George Lopez talk show!

The video: It gets kinda gross at the end. beware!

She's making fun of juicystar07 - Blair's purse video... sorry if you like Blair.

She also has a really good Whore Makeup Tutorial...

I pass this on to all of my readers (the very few). I'd like to know/discover more videos to watch! I may do this again, I have more to share.