Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow, Food, and Nostalgia

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? I enjoyed reading about it on your blogs! It was nice to come back to blogger and see lots of photos of food feasts pop up in my reader. I've been MIA due to Mario Wii. I'm so addicted to it now. It keeps calling me back. We'll play for hours (cuz we keep dying).

Err, sadly I couldn't get a nice shot of our house when it was really pretty covered in snow. The driveway was a slippery death trap. This blurry photo is all I could get before running inside! But you can see how the grass on the right is covered in snow! A white Christmas! This was on Christmas Eve, but it stayed until Christmas day. It was quite a surprise to everyone since it was like 70-75 the day before! My Christmas wish came true! :)

Sister opening presents; it was a big hit! Sorry, there are no good shots of me because I'm always behind the camera.

Nutella cookies resembling poop. The macadamia nuts really add to the effect if ya know what I mean. They were really good though. I got the recipe from Kym's blog. Somehow they didn't come out soft like hers. I think it was because I didn't double the butter. They ended up crunchy. It was still really good though!

Mom's best dishes. Chao Tom and Goi. Chao Tom is shrimp and pork blended and baked into those strips you see there. You roll them in rice paper with veggies and noodles. Optional dipping sauces are peanut sauce or fish sauce. So good! Goi is pickled and colorful veggies you eat with shrimp and shrimp crackers. My favorite dish of all time! (only my mom's version though)

Now, an old video for nostalgia's sake. This was 20 years ago... I feel so old!
It's gotta be my favorite childhood toy besides Barbies. My own kitchen sink and dishwasher set. The next Christmas I got a stove and oven set. I had a full kitchen set going on! I guess I really wanted to be like Mom! Oh, and the crazy leg stuff is because I had just enrolled in gymnastics...

Btw, if anyone has any questions on how to transfer old home movies to your computer, feel free to e-mail me with questions. I'll try my best to answer your questions.

What was your favorite toy as a child?