Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sigma F80 Brush Review & Giveaway

The Sigma F80 brush comes carefully shipped in a box, and it comes packaged with a plastic bristle protector. You can be sure that it is brand spankin new!

There are a couple stray hairs that shed at first. That is completely normal. After the first wash no hairs shed.

 See how very dense it is! It's very soft too!

This flat top kabuki has a pretty shiny ferule and a long handle for easy handling. Best of all it uses synthetic fibers!

How does it Compare?
Top: elf powder brush - flimsy nonsense compared to the F80. don't understand why people like it so much for foundation.
Middle: Everyday Minerals flat top kabuki brush - less dense, longer bristles, and shorter handle. all reasons why it is inferior to the F80
Bottom: Sigma F80 flat top kabuki - clearly the best of it's kind!

Size Comparisons. Top: Sigma, Left: Elf, Right: Everyday Minerals

I like to dab on the foundation first in one area or all over the face. It depends on if your foundation is fast drying or not.

Then take the brush and quickly buff your foundation on. It provides great coverage and a smooth finish!

I love using this to buff in my liquid foundation. I am not a mineral fdn person because of the mess, tapping, etc. What I did like about minerals was how quick I could apply the foundation. This brush allows me to combine two things I want. A fast application and the use of liquid foundation. It's very easy to dab spots of liquid foundation on my brush and buff it all together seamlessly. The fact that it can be done in a couple of minutes is priceless.

I prefer this over a traditional synthetic foundation brush because the surface area is bigger, and I'm able to apply the makeup faster. Also because of the soft sigmax hd filament bristles and buffing motion it won't streak.

For only $16 it is an amazing value!

Now for the Giveaway!
Win a Sigma F80 brush! It's open worldwide!
Here's what you need to do:
1. Comment below with the Sigma brush you are interested in trying besides the F80.
2. Make sure you provide your email in the set field below.
3. Follow me by google friend connect or by your feeder of choice. Tell me how you do it.

That's it! I'll contact the winner after the giveaway closes on May 14th!

As part of the Sigma Affiliate program I was eligible to receive this F80 brush for review & giveaway.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Origins on Earth Day & Disney Bag

Hi! If you remember from last year Origins swapped out free full size cleansers for empty containers last year on Earth Day. They are doing it again this Friday, Earth Day! Check out the link below!

You must print out the coupon and take your empty container to the store!

They are very good cleansers!
Checks and Balances is for oily & dry skin but overtime I noticed it will dry me out. It will be different for you!
Perfect World is nice and reminds me of the Philosophy Purity cleanser in how gentle it is. I Love love the perfect world scent.
They retail at $18.50 & $20 per bottle respectively.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I hate you Bath & Body Works

So if you know me you know I hate Bath & Body Works. BUT not enough to go and collect the free stuff when my sister drags me! So uh, what do I do with it? I give it away of course! Lots of people go crazy for this stuff.

They will be releasing a new scent in stores on May 9 called Into the Wild. It's a seductive blend of exotic mandarin, lush petals, and white woods inspired by a sensuous escape into the jungle.

Win the 2oz travel size by commenting below!
1. Tell me if you like Bath & Body Works or not.
2. What is your favorite lotion? (from any brand)
3. Make sure to comment through Intense Debate leaving your email in the field (where it asks) so I can contact you if you win. Do not comment through the mobile blogger layout. Thanks!

I will pick the winner on Saturday, April 23! Good luck!

wow, does no one get the humor? don't take the giveaway the wrong way!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

False Eyelashes or Mascara?

Style No. 4 (according to my packaging). The model number varies depending on which site you purchase them from.

I think these lashes give a nice light flirty look perfect for daytime. They are light and look like what guys probably think your natural lashes should look like. The band is also flexible and soft. The actual lashes feel like they're made of good material, not a hard plastic feeling you get from American brands.

Side view. Excuse my hack job at securing the inner corner. I couldn't find the good glue. These were also curled with a curler.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion Blogger event at Park Lane

The amazing Tina of T Minus, T Plus put together a fun day for local fashion and style bloggers at the Shops at Park Lane a couple weeks back. I was invited even though I don't consider myself a fashion blogger (lol seriously), but I am a beauty blogger and proud of it. :) I first discovered Park Lane sometime last year while looking for Nordstrom Rack locations. I was shocked that this entire complex was here, and I had not known about it. I was super excited to be able to tour the new shops that opened since my first visit. There were so many more. It was quite "dead" in comparison to my first visit. I'm all for new business and growth!

First up was the flagship Whole Foods Market! I was late to this (bummer) so I missed the tour, but it's a giant and fun market from what I can tell.

I did make it in time for the goodie bags! ^_^

Next we walked over to ULTA beauty where the manager talked about the Benefit line. She was super friendly and even gave us goodie bags too!

All of us happy to be around so much makeup.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Favorites

These are my March Favorites!

1. Lancome Bi-Facil $26
A great makeup remover. I think it works better than random drugstore brands. You can find samples like these on eBay if you want to test it out.

2. Lancome Genifique $58
This is a sample size and it still has the dropper which I find cute. I like how this makes your skin soft upon application. I can't say exactly what difference it has made but I do find I have less redness and can skip foundation some days.

3. Karess Krafters Simply Herbal lip balm $3.25
There is a tingle like burt's bees but it's creamier and I like that! Lisa sent me this a looong ago, and I never tried it til now. I was actually researching making my own lip balm, and I noticed this had similar ingredients to what I wanted to try. It's rather good stuff! It's long lasting and my lips are moisturized.

4. Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Crystal Lilac $7.49
I've been ever so curious about this gloss since it debuted. It was finally on sale (free after ecb + coupons)! I'm not a huge fan of the older superlustrous ones (cheap&sticky) so the fact that I liked this was a nice surprise. It's a gorgeous mauve pink with pink and amethyst micro shimmers. The way the sponge tip applicator is designed- it picks up a lot of gloss so laying it on more opaque is simple. The sponge reminds me of a tongue!

5. Physicians Formula Eye Booster & liner $10.99
This is a great liquid liner because it lasts all day and the tip is so fine and easy to control. It's a Japanese formula and it is also supposed to help grow your lashes. I have not done comparison photos for the lash growth aspect yet. I will soon though! You must try this! It's hands down the best drugstore liquid liner. One thing I must note is there is ULTRA black and Black as well as brown and a clear color. Black is somewhere between grey and black and ultra black is well dang dark black! I noticed a consistency difference between which will be examined in a later post.

6. Sigma F80 Brush $16
This brush makes applying liquid foundation as quick and easy as mineral foundation. Which is all I could ask for! It's soft and compact but expect a full review coming soon!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick & Free Mirror

Remember my previous post about the new Dior Addict lipsticks coming out? Well I went out and picked one up this week. After reading so many good reviews about them it's my duty as a beauty blogger and "dior addict" to try it! Plus it didn't hurt that I had some gift card credit AND they were giving a free mirror with purchase.

Call your counter to see if they are running the mirror promo (NOT sephora). Even Canada is doing it! :) No coupon need- just tell them you got a mailer about it.

I tried on about 10 different ones before I felt like I was annoying the mua by being indecisive. By golly there are 44 shades so it shouldn't seem odd to want to try many, right? They all started to look the same so I just went with Beige Perfection 322. It looked like the Nude one to me but more pink. I wanted Pink. It's from the Doll collection. I'm not surprised since that's the one I was eying. So anyway I made a quick video of how it looks in person and you get to see the mirror.

Meet my new fancy pepper grinder!!

Purchase Here - $28

Stupid me didn't realize they were discontinuing the blue and the high shine lipsticks. I'm a fan of the high shine texture except the shimmer that lingers on my lips. If you're a fan of those then I would stock up or wait for them to hit discount beauty retailers fyi.

To be honest I like the High Shine packaging BETTER. It's slimmer, the cap is slightly transparent, no silver bar that "cuts" the look of the lipstick, the case is more holographic, the box is holographic, and it's lighter. The high shine is 1.1oz and the new addict is 1.25oz LOL!

As for the formula I can't say yet b/c I have only tested at the counter. I have this thing about cradling my virgin makeup. When I use it I'll let ya know!

Loving the Duran Duran song in this video...