Thursday, April 14, 2011

False Eyelashes or Mascara?

Style No. 4 (according to my packaging). The model number varies depending on which site you purchase them from.

I think these lashes give a nice light flirty look perfect for daytime. They are light and look like what guys probably think your natural lashes should look like. The band is also flexible and soft. The actual lashes feel like they're made of good material, not a hard plastic feeling you get from American brands.

Side view. Excuse my hack job at securing the inner corner. I couldn't find the good glue. These were also curled with a curler.

My bare lashes droop down.

They aren't short but aren't long either.

These are the actual lashes I used. I bought them from the Co-op Mart near Thu Duc which is near Saigon. They weren't in pristine condition when I first got them, but squishing them flat in my luggage didn't help either. I remember them being really dang cheap, but how much exactly? I dunno since it was 10 months ago.

This photo is from Amazon and the style looks very much like what I bought. Theirs appear to be in much better shape.

If you are new to false lashes or intimidated by them, I think these are a great place to start. While 10 pairs may be excessive for a newbie, you can always share them with a friend!

So in this case which do you think looks better? Falsies or Mascara? Falsies on the Left and Mascara on the Right. I like the volume from the mascara but not the messy (unorganized) look. I like the neatness of the false lashes and the "built-in" liner, only the tips of the lashes are too thin.

I bought these with my own đồng!