Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Favorites

These are my March Favorites!

1. Lancome Bi-Facil $26
A great makeup remover. I think it works better than random drugstore brands. You can find samples like these on eBay if you want to test it out.

2. Lancome Genifique $58
This is a sample size and it still has the dropper which I find cute. I like how this makes your skin soft upon application. I can't say exactly what difference it has made but I do find I have less redness and can skip foundation some days.

3. Karess Krafters Simply Herbal lip balm $3.25
There is a tingle like burt's bees but it's creamier and I like that! Lisa sent me this a looong ago, and I never tried it til now. I was actually researching making my own lip balm, and I noticed this had similar ingredients to what I wanted to try. It's rather good stuff! It's long lasting and my lips are moisturized.

4. Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Crystal Lilac $7.49
I've been ever so curious about this gloss since it debuted. It was finally on sale (free after ecb + coupons)! I'm not a huge fan of the older superlustrous ones (cheap&sticky) so the fact that I liked this was a nice surprise. It's a gorgeous mauve pink with pink and amethyst micro shimmers. The way the sponge tip applicator is designed- it picks up a lot of gloss so laying it on more opaque is simple. The sponge reminds me of a tongue!

5. Physicians Formula Eye Booster & liner $10.99
This is a great liquid liner because it lasts all day and the tip is so fine and easy to control. It's a Japanese formula and it is also supposed to help grow your lashes. I have not done comparison photos for the lash growth aspect yet. I will soon though! You must try this! It's hands down the best drugstore liquid liner. One thing I must note is there is ULTRA black and Black as well as brown and a clear color. Black is somewhere between grey and black and ultra black is well dang dark black! I noticed a consistency difference between which will be examined in a later post.

6. Sigma F80 Brush $16
This brush makes applying liquid foundation as quick and easy as mineral foundation. Which is all I could ask for! It's soft and compact but expect a full review coming soon!

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