Friday, April 1, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick & Free Mirror

Remember my previous post about the new Dior Addict lipsticks coming out? Well I went out and picked one up this week. After reading so many good reviews about them it's my duty as a beauty blogger and "dior addict" to try it! Plus it didn't hurt that I had some gift card credit AND they were giving a free mirror with purchase.

Call your counter to see if they are running the mirror promo (NOT sephora). Even Canada is doing it! :) No coupon need- just tell them you got a mailer about it.

I tried on about 10 different ones before I felt like I was annoying the mua by being indecisive. By golly there are 44 shades so it shouldn't seem odd to want to try many, right? They all started to look the same so I just went with Beige Perfection 322. It looked like the Nude one to me but more pink. I wanted Pink. It's from the Doll collection. I'm not surprised since that's the one I was eying. So anyway I made a quick video of how it looks in person and you get to see the mirror.

Meet my new fancy pepper grinder!!

Purchase Here - $28

Stupid me didn't realize they were discontinuing the blue and the high shine lipsticks. I'm a fan of the high shine texture except the shimmer that lingers on my lips. If you're a fan of those then I would stock up or wait for them to hit discount beauty retailers fyi.

To be honest I like the High Shine packaging BETTER. It's slimmer, the cap is slightly transparent, no silver bar that "cuts" the look of the lipstick, the case is more holographic, the box is holographic, and it's lighter. The high shine is 1.1oz and the new addict is 1.25oz LOL!

As for the formula I can't say yet b/c I have only tested at the counter. I have this thing about cradling my virgin makeup. When I use it I'll let ya know!

Loving the Duran Duran song in this video...