Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you Addicted yet?

If you've been to the department stores lately you might have noticed giant poster displays featuring Kate Moss for Dior. She's the new face for the Dior Addict lipsticks and they are releasing 44 new colors in March. 44 is an insane amount! I'm imagining Karla Sugar's arm now. hahaha. What do you think of Kate's winged eye makeup? I don't really like it at all...

They've got new lipsticks for everyone! Quite interesting names on some of them as you will see.

 Bobo... Do you know what a Bobo is? According to Urban Dictionary it is either:
  • a Korean dude who muds like a maniac and farts uncontrollably
  • a Finnish word for a well endowed gentleman
  • one who knows nothing...idiot...downright stupid..imbeclie
  • or BOBO the clown!

Diorissime.. sounds like DIOR is A ME. interesting. say it like Mario and it sounds funny.

If that Dior issinotyou than how about Androgyne for the androgynous?

And one for the oldies. Granville. wow for those who have "memories of youth."

There are 44 colors, and they will be divided by Doll, Glam, and Rock. They will be released in March (I think). I made these composites myself from their site! :)

From My Women Stuff blog, ParisB went to a Dior event where Dior created these four looks based on the lipsticks. Which do you like? She reviewed the lipsticks on her blog.

I stumbled across British Beauty Blogger's blog which left me drooling with envy. Visit her post here where she traveled to Paris to attend the Dior Addict Blogger Event. Basically they staged a $8,000/night room with Dior products all over. Heaven I'd say? YES! Where is the event in the US? I want in!
New Polishes? Imma droolin....
Nirvana 704, Purple Mix 887, Underground 824, Blue Label 997, Perfecto? 804 or 707, and the Rock Coat. [Source]