Thursday, March 3, 2011

My first Dior Polish & some freebies

I was browsing around, and I saw that the Dior Pink Boa (349) Polish was marked in stock, so of course I had to stop by tonight and see it in person. I think it released in January and every counter I asked never had it! It's a pretty Barbie shoe pink, and I like it so far. If not, I have no shame in returning or exchanging it. They had a couple samples of the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche lotion and toilette sitting out so I picked those up too. Along with a Peace, Love & Juicy Couture sample spray. The chanel lotion smells better than the perfume once dried down.

Next I stopped by Sephora to get my sister's free birthday gift and across from that is Godiva. I had only planned to get my free chocolate of the month, but when I saw these Strawberry Truffles I just had to have them. They are so cute! The pink is milk and the red is dark. They did not have packs of dark. :( The girl was awesome too- she asked me to sample two pieces (the choco oreo and the cheesecake truffle). If you sign up for their rewards program you get a free piece each month!! No catch! Plus if you spend $10 that month you get an additional 2 pre-selected pieces. It's usually something simple like the heart and clam one I think. She was awesome because most of the time they try to get me to buy stuff, not offer it for free. :)

Remember this classic hard Strawberry candy? It looks like the Godiva inspiration.

At Sephora all the employees have to wear this Hello Kitty bow apparently. It's kinda cute actually. It looks to be made of vinyl. I kind of want to make one... I'm curious if the guys have to wear this too.

It reminded me of these flashing bow headbands everyone was wearing at the Tet Festival in California. We found this one on the ground

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