Monday, March 28, 2011

Dirt Cheap Finds at the Drugstore

I don't know how or why but this weekend I found great deals at Walgreens and CVS.

First up was Walgreens. I went to return some Simply something Lemongrass lipbalm. It was hands down nasty! I noticed the bin next to the beauty counter had tons of Sinful Colors polish on sale for 2/$1! I thought "hey these are really liked on blogs so I'll give them another chance at this price." Previously I bought a sheer white pearl color which really did not impress me and left my expectations low. I picked up an even six with a few being possible gifts.

Apparently this sale had been going on for awhile since the pickings were slim with mostly brown and other ugly colors. Plus this lady was trying to buy 20 bottles, and it was not her first time there. BUT don't get too excited because she told me the other Walgreens were not having this sale. I suppose mine was just trying to get rid of them. I picked up Purple Diamond, Savage, What's Your Name, Fiji, Gorgeous, and Fig.

These make me think they are China Glaze dupes because of the size. The formula is not as good, but it's great for the price! Miles better than the first dud I picked up.

Then on Sunday I stopped by CVS and bamn there was a table marked 90% off. Of course I had to rummage through it. This is what I picked up and almost everything was under $1 and close to $0.50! Woo hoo! I only wonder what there was before I got there. I got there at 5pm and I assume the coupon ladies had all morning to rummage though it. I did see a guy with a basket full of random chargers or cables and what not. I bet he's going to resell those in his shop or on ebay.

They had bumpits but only blond ones left. The Texan in me has always wanted to try one. I'm sure it's a piece of junk though. Anyhow, I'm excited about everything especially the tweezermans! I have a full size one, and I love it.

You'll never know when you'll bump into a clearance table at CVS, so just keep shopping!