Friday, March 4, 2011

Lancome & Estee Lauder Gift Time

Raise your hand if you can't resist a gift with purchase event!! The best gwp in my opinion is always the Lancome at Bloomingdales one. They offer 7 awesome samples that you get to pick from 12. It's a yearly thing, and I ordered about 2 years ago. I still have some of the little items even. I skipped last year but I'm all in this year! An interesting thing is that the first time I ordered they sent ALL 14 of the samples. Amazing! They did this for other people too. I know from searching on forums. I'm hoping that they do it again hehe!

Basically if you love gift time, you must indulge now! I got three people to buy this already haha. :D

Lancôme Gift Love in Paris - FREE with any $39.50 Lancôme purchase! Up To A $160 Value. Choose 7 Beauty Favorites to go with your free bag!
THE BEST - It’s Your Free Choice

Yours With Any $39.50 Lancôme Purchase. buy here

Choose 7 Beauty Favorites to go with your free bag!

- GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate*
- HIGH RÉSOLUTION REFILL-3X™ Triple Action Renewal Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15*
- ABSOLUE PREMIUM BX Absolute Replenishing Cream SPF 15*
- BI-FACIL Double-Action Makeup Remover
- BLUSH SUBTIL Powder Blush in Sheer Armourose
- JUICY TUBES Ultra Shiny Lipgloss in Fruity Pop*
- COLOR DESIGN Sensational Effects Lipcolor in All Done Up*
- LE CRAYON KHÔL EyeLiner in Black Ebony

I starred(*) what I chose. Shipping's going to be about $6-10 depending. Plus no Tax for ME!
I ordered the Lily Rose lipstick and Le Gris L'wren mini polish to qualify for the gift.

They also have nice skincare packs that are a good value! Together it's worth $55 + a mini eye makeup remover and pouch. Right now the Lancôme Radiance Cleansing Set Dual Pack is $44.50.

These are hot right now too. It's a new look for Lancome. You can tell they are trying to appeal to the younger generation now. Lancôme Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Pink Envy. PRICE: $48.00

The ever popular Genefique. I know that I tried it once on my skin and it was instantly softer. I plan on trying it out for a week with samples and seeing how it goes.

I forgot to use ebates! Dangnabit! My referral for $5 if you signup and purchase through them.

My Picks that are gift friendly:

Also there's a gift with a $32.50 Estee Lauder purchase at Macy's. The products in the upper right corner are for a purchase over $60. I usually wait until the Nordstrom gift but this one seemed okay. Plus I have a $50 Macy's gift card! I'm going on Friday with my mom!

Estée Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Lotion SPF 15 - $58.00

It's expensive, but I tried the sample of this cream before, and I really liked the results. I'm opting to get the lotion this time because it has a pump and it's a lighter texture being a lotion. Now I just have to find a $2 filler. hmm...

So much spending this week! $51.50 at Bloomingdales, $23 at Nordstroms, and now maybe $13 at Macy's. I should read more budgeting blogs sheesh!