Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Huge The She Space Sale

Heather, the owner of The She Space has discounted ALL of her eye pigments to $2.50/jar! That's a $2 savings/jar! It has never ever been that low! She's doing it in celebration of her 40th birthday. (plus I think her sales are down lately. hard times!) Whatever the reason, there's no reason you shouldn't order! yay! shipping starts at $2!

I really like her Velvets. So smooth! Everything else is very sparkly.

Quad 7swatches available upon request
Broken Rules-
Soft twinkling honey with layers of gold and pink (Go glam or go home)
light honey gold with tint of pink

Shadows of Doubt-
Electric blackened cocoa with layers of copper and pink (Go glam or go home)
gold mixed with copper mixed with taupe plus sparkles
Bubble and Burn-
Golden Copper (Powdered Diamond Dust)
black with gold sparkle
Rock and Roll-
Blackenend metallic rasberry with a twinkling layer of purple (Go glam or go home)
very dark purple with dark red sparkle

Read my full review here. I wrote it back when nobody read my blog, hahaha!

Her website is kinda messy, but I love the Leo Collection ASTROLOGY collection. I ordered the sampler a couple weeks ago, and I'm definitely gonna order a full size!
View the leo collection here.

Let me know if you're gonna get something! Hope that I don't go crazy and buy things I don't need!