Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swap with Lisa and some extra Love!

Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs and I did a jewelry swap! Here's what I got! Aren't these earrings so precious?! They remind me of my birthday cakes from when I was a kid. I'd always make my mom save me a flower to eat. I loved the blue roses! And, funny enough she had these one-of-a-kind flower clay earrings in her shop! yum!

Thank you so much for the masks! I love masks! woohoo! Cute pouch with apples! You guys should really check her out. She's a very popular jewelry maker in the online realm! I was originally drawn to her first company name HeHe Productions. The reason is because my very first website in highschool was named hehehehe. I think I named it that because I always preferred saying "hehe" when chatting vs "lol". I was never much of an "lol" girl, but I have since caved. My hehehehe site is no longer up, but I wish it was. I can't find the files. It was pre-facebook coolness. Anyhow...

Click to see what Adriyah sent me!

I also got a love package from Adriyah!! wow, I couldn't believe she wanted to send me her fan brush. I dunno why, but I like having fan brushes around. They're just fun and fluffy! Maybe it's the Asian in me. I love hand fans too. Thank you!! How did she know I love Origins? haha! I was so excited to see that and a Laneige sample.

Visit her blog As Pink As My Juicy and check out her blog sale!