Friday, October 23, 2009

Edward Cream, yes really!

What is Edward Cream you ask? My cute sister came up with it. So months ago I gave her some moisturizer I forgot about and didn't need anymore. (it must be good to get loads of free stuff from your big sis) Presenting Neutrogena Illuminating Whip Moisturizer. I don't think they sell this anymore.

I was looking at her collection and noticed that she was using the moisturizer I gave her... "you still use that?" I asked. "Yeah, it's my Edward cream!" she replied. "Yeah, it makes your face sparkle like Edwards!" she added. I forgot how sparkly the moisturizer was until I poked it and smeared it on my hand. And, by golly I realized that it IS Edward cream! It is so friggin ILLUMINATING that I think that's why I stopped using it! I think I originally bought this to help my dry skin. Once my skin stopped being so dry I just stopped using it.

So, I thought of something weird... if you find this stuff.. put it on your boyfriend, and he'll be your Edward vampire for the day (or night)!