Friday, October 30, 2009

clinique, you better be good!

I cashed in on this Clinique gwp deal. It's my first Clinique purchase EVER. I won't say what I got because it's a gift for my sister (she pokes in occasionally).

A part of me has always wanted to get some clinique because when I was little I would play around with my mom's empty makeup compacts. They were jade green. Are they still now? I don't actually know. The gwp also used to have plastic storage containers instead of flimsy makeup bags. Do you remember seeing them? They were white long shaped containers with a round top or lipstick organizers. We actually still have them from 10-20 years ago! I really want to go take pictures and post them later.

So anyway, I thought this little gwp was pretty awesome. I love stuff in white, and I can use ALL of the gifts. The online gwp is usually better than the in-store ones. Unfortunately the bag has a faux leather texture that isn't so smooth, but it's still cute cuz it's white. I always end up with many free bags that I have no use for.

I can't believe I actually bought a pencil bag from sephora, and I haven't used it yet. It was from their Moroccan collection. I love the print so much I had to have it! I love geometric designs. It's just too big to be considered a pencil case! It's more like stuff all your brushes in here kind of a case. It's a very well made case though. I like the clear vinyl interior lining. You can easily wipe off the mess.

Sorry if there are typos. I painted the kitchen today (3rd time this week), and my finger muscles are tired. My brain will think one thing, and my fingers will type wrong.

What's your favorite Clinique product? lmk down below!