Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cute KeyFobs from Etsy!

I ordered these key fobs from Thien Thanh awhile back but I just HAD to show you the cuteness of this shop! These fobs are $5 each or $3 each when you buy 5. I obviously have more than I need so I'm giving one away in a giveaway soon. Stay tuned for that. I'm not sure which one yet. My sister took the pink one so far and I think her friend wants one too. Comment below which one stands out to you!

Honestly they are just TOO BIG for me to use as a key fob, but I LOVE the fabric she uses.

If you want to make your own here's a link. It's super easy and even easier if you just use ribbon. But at $3-$5 each it's so affordable!

How-To: Wristlet Key Fob Tutorial

I first came across this shop after seeing it on ABS, but it turns out that my sister's online friend is the cousin of the owner of the shop. What a small world!

These are the wallets she is most popular for. Click the photo to visit the shop listing!

previous 3 photos property of ThienThanh :)

BTW comments FIXED! i hope...