Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thank you to Jessie and Amy for the award!
1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. List 5 random things about you.
3. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you.
  • I've gotten messier as I've gotten older. I think it's that I've accumulated more things than I should.
  • I love getting mail! I used to send handwritten letters to my cousins before everyone started e-mailing.
  • I just started playing farmville, and it's a total time waster but the music is soothing in an annoying way so I keep clicking on my crops and collecting random things.
  • When I lived in TN I took ballet, tap dance, and gymnastics. When I moved to TX I only took gymnastics but my parents took me out of it when I was about 8. They always told me it was b/c I would talk too much during class which scarred me for life. I really loved it! But then a few years ago my mom admitted it was b/c there were no more normal classes. The next level was competition and they didn't want to deal with that. Why did they have to be so mean? Thankful I did have some classes though. You don't see many chubby girls doing good cartwheels very often.
  • I've lost my old glasses for a month or more now and I don't ever think I'm going to be able to find them. It doesn't matter now anyways since my eyes used to my new glasses. I was trying to keep from wearing my new glasses because the lab guy cut them weird. They are heavy on my nose and too shiny on the sides (he polished them for free b/c he messed up. why?). These are actually the second pair he made to fix the botched job but they still didn't turn out right. I gave up on it and just kept wearing my old glasses but now my eyes have changed with the new ones, ugh!

I picked 13 instead of 12 to make a "blogger's dozen." Sorry if you have already received this award!