Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kit Kat Jackpot nom nom nom

Whoopee! I finally got some LE Kit-Kats! The gorgeous Stacey (twitter/blog friend and customer) was able to help me out. We actually ended up swapping chocolate for jewelry, haha. I've been craving some crazy Kit-Kats for a really long time. The first time I had a Japanese Kit-Kat was probably 2-3 years ago and it was Watermelon flavored. My bro's co-worker gave him one but it was melted and mushy. Well he gave it to me, and I've been curious ever since. When I stopped by Narita airport en route to Vietnam (summer 2008) I checked the shops but I only found a green tea kind and I remember it being way overpriced. Well I bought it and devoured it in Vietnam. So good! Why I didn't buy more I dunno! I think I was too busy oohing and ahhing over Royce chocos.

Well anyway sometime last year I developed a yearning for some crazy kit-kats and well, here they are!

The Custard is soo good! Stacey's fav! It's really sweet though.
The Sour Orange flavor is pretty good too if you like citrus chocolates. I didn't realize at first it was sour until I researched it online. You can definitely taste the sour part. They probably mean tang. They sell them in bags like this for mass munching.

You can also get them in small boxes like this. You get two packs of sticks with two sticks in each pack.
Each flavor is labeled. I was trying out my new bamboo tablet so sorry if you can't read my handwriting. I've only tried 3 flavors so far. I'm hoarding these like little golden nuggets.

Sakura Matcha Kit Kat
My favorite flavor so far. It's not too sweet, has a nice green tea flavor on the chocolate part but then you get that sakura taste inside, and it's just so so good. It's unique to me I can't even describe it. Maybe kinda like a berry cherry taste.

Some of them were melted so I couldn't do the classic "breaking" of the kit kat but it really doesn't matter. Look at the back of the box- it's so cute b/c you can write a little message! I will probably share some with my bro who got me Avenue Q tickets for my b-day. I can't wait til the end of May!

Stacey also included all these extra candies, oh my god! I love the Mitsuya Cider candy, it's so so good. It's really different from what I've tried before because it fizzes til the end. Someone included this as an extra in a package once, and I've been looking for it ever since. Thanks!! I also thought it was really awesome she included peach mints b/c during my first visit to Narita airport I loaded up on peach mints. I still have one pack from 5 years ago (hoarding plus forgot it) and it tastes like dirt, haha. I'm sure the new one will taste just fine. There's also a little madeleine cookie and gummy sushi treats.

And there's more? Hello Kitty blotting sheets, My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl (the one i've been craving to try) and Sake Yeast Mask. Plus samples of her fav skin care like Dr Ci Labo.

Thank you forever!! <3<3<3

btw, these Kit Kats are only available in Japan. You can order some from Jbox. I've ordered other things from them before.