Thursday, April 15, 2010

EOTD with prep for colour

So I picked up two shadows from Mac's collection, Prep for Colour, that came out recently. I got Hey and Prepped for Glamour. Hey is a Veluxe Pearl which I like and Glamour is a Frost finish which is just okay. I'm more used to the softer shadows which veluxe pearls are. When I got Hey I was frustrated b/c it looked just like All that Glitters which was my first Mac Shadow and Prepped for Glamour is supposed to be close to Satin Taupe. I don't have Satin Taupe but it was on my list of shadows to buy. So I finally buy some shadows and they end up being dupes? ugh, they did not have all that glitters and satin taupe at the store (lost!) so I couldn't do a comparison. I've seen swatches online but I'd like to see it in person.

Originally I liked All that Glitters but the more I look at Hey- the more I like it! It's still looks pink like All that Glitters but it's less red. Some say it's like Naked Lunch? I dunno. At first Hey wasn't soft like All that Glitters and it was pissing me off b/c my brush could not pick up and deposit it very well. Now I've messed with it enough to "break it in" and it's fine. Is this normal for Mac? So right now I'm not really liking All that Glitters anymore, and I may end up swapping it on MakeupAlley.

Then there's Prepped for Glamour. I'm not extremely happy about this color because I think pulls red when I put it on my eyelid too. I've read that Satin Taupe is more purple and that's what I've been looking for. So dang- I might just swap this for Satin Taupe... The last thing a poor girl needs are mac dupes. [karlasugar swatches]

In order to get a photo that had any resemblance to what it looks like I had to sit in front of a window even though it washed me out and makes me look like I have no eyeshadow on. But it is what it is...

MAC Shroom as highlight, Hey in inner corner, and Prepped for Glamour in outer crease.
MUFE black liner top, maroon (bottom), and Estee Lauder mascara (weak)
When looking at this photo I realize I need to tight-line and re-curl my lashes! oops.

MAC Peach Ombre blush- I love this blush!
Rose studs in denim blue. I've got a few new colors in! They go quickly.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme spf15 in Nude Blush - it's really pretty and a new fav of mine. I like how it's moisturizing and you don't need a lip gloss to coat it on top. You can put this directly on dry lips and be fine! At least I am.

Forgot to take a full face so here it is...

Jen is giving away a Hana Professional 1" Ceramic Flat Iron. Recently I decided it wouldn't be so bad to have one! :) Click the photo to go to her giveaway. It ends May 1, 2010.

I'm blogging more to bury that mask on mondays post. You all said I was "brave" which meant I looked real bad and must be crazy to post it. JK. You prolly didn't mean it like that... but really even I couldn't keep looking at it!