Friday, April 9, 2010

we bought too much food

shrimp spring rolls with hoisin sauce - These particular rolls are not that great to me, I just like the sauce. I don't like the mint they put in this because it's too overpowering. I ended up not eating this.

banh beo - mini rice pancake topped with dried shrimp, mung bean, scallions, and fish sauce. It's probably hard to eat for those not used to chopsticks. I would suggest using a fork to scoop it up and shove it in your mouth, haha. Right now they're piled really close but each one is just a white circle of about 2" in diameter.

banh cam - Gooey flour with a fried and crunchy exterior coated with sesame seeds. Inside you'll find mung beans mixed with coconut. I usually feel greasy after eating this so I only eat half. I think these banh cam's are my mom's weakness and her favorite childhood snack. She's always buying it and eating it but then yells at me when I eat a taco or something...

random video off youtube of what they look like in person

egg rolls - 4 for $1! blah, not as good as it used to be. store bought can't beat homemade. :)

fried tofu with green onions and lemon grass - 8 for $1. really good! love it!

I went down the candy aisle and found these milk candies from Indonesia. 
Milkita melon milk soft candy - It's pretty good and close to the taste of Melon ice cream bars, my fav. Thumbs up to capturing that artificial melon taste.

Milkita strawberry milk soft candy - Not as tasty as the melon but okay if you like strawberry.

My favorite Bourbon brand Cubyrop candies! I had trouble finding these because the store moved them so I was worried for a bit. Rarely do I find a mix bag of candies where all the flavors are good. Plus it doesn't hurt that they are shaped like cubes.

Now it's time to put all the candies away before I eat them all. Oh boy...

Lotte Refreshing Water 2% in Peach - not so much refreshing but it was okay. It tasted like exactly what it claims- water with a light peach taste. I mostly got it because the can was pretty.

So there was a lot of interest in the KitKats I posted last time, hehe. If you've yet to stuff your face with them, check out these sites: Asian Food Grocer - They have a few selections of Kit Kats at really good prices plus the prices on the candy and other items are the same as my local asian market. The shipping is a flat rate $5 which is an amazing price especially if you buy drinks! They ship from San Francisco so the shipping should be fast too. I just ordered here... [use code retailmenot10 to save 10% off $20 or more] Jbox - They have at most 3 flavors of Kit Kat at a time. The shipping is expensive since it's coming from Japan. It starts at $3 and keeps going up. I ordered here earlier this week. mwahaha- they're the only ones with sakura green tea flavor. I can't keep bugging Stacey. :P Nappa Japan - They have tons of flavors but slightly more expensive. Since it's based in Japan the shipping is also adds up really quick. It starts at $3 though. - Curious what they taste like? Read Jen's blog to get one opinion.

I'm thinking about doing a candy/snack giveaway for this blog!!

And for beauty related news: I think I'm gonna pass on the Urban Decay sale since I bought a lot of candy. I really only wanted the summer palette but I can live without it since I still have the book of shadows to play with. :) Plus I'm planning on buying a high-end foundation during the Sephora sale next week. I'm sick of trying the drugstore foundations. You know if you try 3 or 4 of the drugstores it will equal the cost of one high-end foundation and you could screw up your skin with pimples like I did.

I tried a sample of MUFE mat velvet+ in #40 but it made my face look so red in the sun. Anything lighter than #40 is just too pinky so it's a no-go on that. I'm also between shades in MUFE HD even with their huge selection. I swatched Shiseido today really quick (in passing) at the asian market and it seemed really nice so it's on my radar now. I think I'm shade O-20 but I'm not sure so I need to hop by Macy's this weekend.

I got a tweet about a Smashbox Warehouse sale so that sounds really intriguing. It started today and it's going on tomorrow too. If I had known about it earlier I would've tried to go today and get the good stuff before it's gone. Hope it's not mostly old crap and seasonal stuff. There are only a couple things I really want so I will try to stick to that list and be good! I will also try to remember to charge my camera and take pics if I can!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!