Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock & Republic 50% off at Editor's Closet!

I'd like to think that it's because of ME that Rock & Republic is back at Editor's Closet. Why? Because I kept bugging them on Twitter about it and last week they tweeted me to "pay close attention" to the coming sales. It's really just wishful thinking, hehe. Anywayz!! Last time they were on sale I missed out. I think their sales usually run 2 days and ending on the second day at 11pm? It's not clear when the sale ends... but if you want something then get it right away!

I've been thinking about those huge blushes for some time now. $20 is half the price but it's supposed to have twice the amount of nars or mac. It's pricey but justified in my mind since I've STILL been thinking about it for a couple months now. I've only read REALLY good reviews about these blushes!
I would recommending looking for swatches because the product photos are horrible representatives of the colors!

BUY HERE - plz use my link or refer my email
we BOTH get $5!

See all blush and eyeshadow swatches here

See product photos and swatch of SPANK blush here

I just read my email and there is a gwp!
*Gift with purchase! Buy any two eye colour shades and receive a large shader brush free! Buy any two lip gloss shades and receive R&R's Trust Fund lip gloss free!
Why the hell is there nothing for buying two blushes, I don't know!

See the products in a video here. Featuring blush in TEASE (I think) she doesn't actually say!

Video of the eyeshadows if you're interested.

LMK below if anything speaks to you, haha.