Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten Honest Things About Me Tag

So I have drafts of tags saved from November... yeah I'm so bad about them but they are fun to do and read! I've been trying to do the color tag since then (linda). It could be next. I think I'm just gonna do pics of hauls, catch up on tags, food pics, talk about dry shampoo, and the occasional beauty review. The easy way out. Hope that sounds okay 'cause it's not like there's a lack of swatches or product reviews here on blogger. I'm not trying to be the next Karen or Temptalia if you know what I mean. Those girls seem to do this full time and they're really good at it too.

Anyhow, since Megan called me out on it I gotta do this tag now! It's the general consensus. Stephanie = bad with tags. lol.

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Me with fobby glasses (3d glasses) and the slave. Why is she smiling? She's laughing at me!

Ten Honest Things About Me
1. I'm Viet but I can't speak it very well besides the everday things like "when's dinner? I'm home. I need to pee. That's gross." I know if people are talking trash about me though. I can understand it more than I can speak it. And if you tell an older viet lady that I don't speak it then they look down on you like a failure. It's harsh. I'm thinking f-u on the inside...

2. I was born in Tennessee. hey y'all. I hate that phrase. I lived there until I was 5 or so.

3. I LOVE romantic period pieces. Specifically British ones and ones that have a happy ending.

4. I am addicted to TV.

5. I'm only 5'2" but I could be like 1/8" shorter than that? Don't like to think about it. I'd rather not know and pretend I'm 5'2".

6. I hate bath and body works. Do I need to expand? Not much of a lotion person. Dry skin doesn't bother me much.

7. I like photography so I'm way fatter looking in person. Angles are my best friends.

8. I like traveling but don't have money to do it often. Mostly I end up in Orange County if I do travel.

9. I have been keeping up with my blog friends more than my real life friends. Sorry G, I still love you! I take it seriously too. I love that I have friends all over the world now. Including the Philippines and Canada. How cool is that?! (My right hand hurts sometimes from all the clicking I do though. :P)

10. I miss gardening. I didn't even get to plant my favorite bulbs during the winter. The ones from last year actually popped up but they look small b/c that's how it is. You've got to plant new ones every year.

Now I tag the people who commented on my last post! Hope you gals haven't done this tag yet. It's cool if you don't do tags too. :)
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