Saturday, March 27, 2010

potstickers, crazy eyes, and pancakes

Awhile back the sis and I went to a Korean supermarket and we decided to just eat dinner there. The pics speak for themselves. They are also from my ghetto phone so excuse the low quality. :)

A box of pot stickers! So good. I love the dipping sauce. I can never make it right. When I add the vinegar to the soy sauce it just tastes nasty. Any tips?

Hot damn she looks scary... Drinking Melon Ramune. I wanted to try this but I was on my soda ban.

Me hiding behind some canned coffee. Yes canned coffee. Not bad but not good either.

I forgot exactly what's called but it's meaty mush to me. Rather nasty and badly cooked. I ate the tofu and soup but tossed out the meat. What a waste!

Across the street there was this sign for Plus Chicken. I swear I laughed for a few minutes at the sign. It looks like a thumbs up, but oh not it's also a friggin chicken!!

Charlotte Russe type store. Lots of pretty things! We got nothing though.

These are supposedly Chinese pancakes? I dunno.. but the syrup was on the inside. How convenient! It was so good but way too sweet. And btw no we're not pigs- this was from another trip. :P