Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Sasa Haul

I've been wanting to try some cool Asian products from for some time now. This was my first time purchasing masks and such myself. What I know of Asian products is purely through swaps from the kind blogger friends I have. Now I too have cool products I can't read the packaging of... Things are probably just cooler when you can't read them. Mystery makes it cool. It'll end up being something way lame once translated.

Happy St. Patricks Day by the way. Enjoy free shipping on my site today only with code "lucky".

Sorry the pics aren't all cool looking in a lightbox. Fail. It's just faster this way.

Can you say blogger brainwashed? I've read countless blog posts about Sasa so I had to try it. From what I gather it's a giant beauty store in HK similar to Ulta. (mid and low end products)

The shipping was pretty fast for me. It only took 12 days and included a tracking number. The shipping time will vary from 2 weeks to a month long depending on when you order (during holiday). You can pay with a credit card or Paypal. There are not fees. Shipping is only $6 flat-rate!! That's really good considering this big box. It's not so great if you just want one thing on the other hand.

Nicely wrapped in bubble wrap with foam peanuts to cushion it further.

All the goodies laid out.

Espie Lipcare. Vitamin E + Milk. It has a nice smell and that's all I know so far. It's kind of coconutty. Reminds me of something I know... The packaging reminds me of the Blistex silk & shine. I haven't used it yet. I want to finish up my Aquafina first. It's buy one get one free!! After I ordered it, I read this review on it where a girl stated it was her holy grail balm- so my expectations are high. I still have the Sugar lip balm I haven't even tried yet. sigh... my stash grows...

IsQueen Ultramicro Aqua Pore Refining Mask. I wanted to make my own "trendsetting mask" so I searched until I found one that looked cool, sounded cool, and hadn't been seen on blogs that I read. JK, it doesn't matter but I thought it'd be funny. Anyhow this mask is 54% off for $7.70 for 5 masks. The ever popular silk whitia is buy one get one free. I prefer the percent discount because I don't like having to get two of a product I don't know anything about. It claims to have micro mineral water particles with super vitamins to penetrate the skin fast with 12 times the result of regular facial masks. SOLD!

Catena Cell Repairing & Mark Removing Mask. They don't have this one on the site anymore. It's sold out. I think the Catena masks stock changes often. I had a couple eye ones that disappeared too. That's the box and the mask packet for you to see. It comes with 5 masks for $7.70. It's the same price as the one above but it's not on sale. I was debating between this one and the roe essence. The idea of fish eggs on my face intrigued me...

I actually tried not to buy any face masks until I used up the ones I have. Yeah that didn't work out so well... My main purpose was to buy some EYE masks!!

Catena EIGHT CUPS OF WATER Whitening and Repairing Crystal Eye Mask. And oh the ever popular Catena Eye Masks. This one is no longer on the site either. It was $3.80 for 6 pairs. Looks like they raised the price to $4.50 for the new packaging. I seriously think it's all the same whether they claim to firm, moisturize, whiten or brighten. I got hooked on the idea of eye masks after I tried a different one from Lisa/HQCD. It relieved a pain in the under eye area I had been having for a few days. I picked this brand after seeing Saaammage's review on it.

TCM Mask Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch for Deeper Eye Lines/Wrinkles. Another random eye mask purchase. You buy them individually for $0.80 each.

Um, what's this uber shiny thing? A lighted compact mirror! haha, sounds soooo stupid I know but that's part of the allure. Cuz you know I'm wanting to put my make up on in the dark. Gotta check that lipstick before I close my eyes in bed. Can't you just imagine it?? jk.

Glittery Cosmetic Mirror with LED Lights. Sasa had this really awesome sale where this mirror was $10 marked down from $25. A steal compared to Sephora's version. I had no idea Sephora even made one. I saw it yesterday when I quickly stopped by the store. I actually really like this mirror. It's about the same size as the free sephora compact mirrors you get with a giftcard, but sasa's is thicker. There's a button on the side for the lights. I like the hinge too because you can bend it all the way back to make it stand up. It's a great mirror as far as mirrors go...
The packaging was really nice and unnecessary though. The casing LOOKS like metal but it's that thick shiny plastic- sprayed to look like metal.

Sephora Lighted Mirror for $15. Smaller than the Sasa one and the light is automatic which may annoy some. There is no off switch.

Koji Eyelash Curler No 73 "wide curve". Heard a lot of buzz about this. A good curler to rival the Shu at only $4.50. I tried it once, and it didn't pinch me. It's great for a spare or to replace the Shu.

They look and feel VERY VERY VERY similar. The SHU is on top; KOJI on bottom. I was disapointed because I wanted to try something different that the Shu. Something flatter and wider perhaps. Look at the black strip to compare- not the top metal part. There are a few different Koji styles so I'll be trying another on my next order. Not anytime soon. I'll be giving this to my mom or my sister and keeping the Shu. My sister has really small eyes. They're only 30mm in length! We are so not related.

I think No 70 or 71 "standard curve" is what I was looking for. I THINK it's flatter. [good review]

Hmm, well congrats to you if you read the whole post. I don't blame you if you just looked at the photos. That's what they are there for. I know I ramble...

Next up: Audrey's giveaway prize