Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Blogger Custom Layout Feature! OMG

I think I squealed when I realized that Blogger has FINALLY stepped it up and come up with a way for you to custom design your blog layout EASILY. Practically every single other new blogging system allows you to customize freely and so after more than 10 yrs blogger has beat them all with the new features! This is actually the best WYSIWYG platform I've seen so far. It stands for What You See Is What You Get. The term refers to designing webpages with drag and drop or point and click- no coding required.

Introducing the Blogger Template Designer

How do you access this amazing new feature? You have to be signed in through
For people new to blogger draft:
If you are already signed in you may need to sign out first and then sign back in at that link.

For people using blogger draft:
You should already see a new link under the Layout tab. 

You can test it out on a spare blog but I would test it out on your main blog to see just how awesome it is. Nothing saves unless you hit the final big button "apply to blog"

and shall I mention
NO LOST WIDGETS. Yes, all your widget info remains intact.

FREELY RESIZE your columns.

Don't be scared. If you can scroll and click you can do this! 

Watch the video below to see it in action if you're still scared.

If that's still not good enough, read this post by the blogger team with all the details.

A couple things:
You'll need to be using IE 7 or newer, Firefox, or Chrome. Some effects won't be visible in preview mode for IE 8 but it will be when you publish.

The only thing left for blogger to fix now is an improved comment system! Then it's golden! :)

So I've changed my blog a little as you can see. I'm gonna be playing around with it more when I have more time. I think it's ugly with the yellow but I wanted something fresh cuz I'm HAPPY! :D I've been wanting to change it for some time but became lazy. I was browsing templates for a friend who I thought needed a blogger makeover. (cough, cough, MEGAN)

If you end up changing your layout comment below and let me know!! I want to see!