Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swap with Cookiie for Gosh

I did a swap back in February (?) with Tiffany aka Cookiie from MilknCookiie. Their blog is really pretty and light plus there's tons of product reviews of things from Sasa. (mostly Asian products)

Anyhow, Tiffany wanted some ecoTools, and I was curious about the Gosh Lipsticks so a swap is born. She lives in the Netherlands, but it only took a week to arrive I think. I remember it being extremely fast! Take a look below if you're nosey. :P

There was really good gummy candy too. All gone...

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipsticks in Nougat and Darling. I really like Nougat. It looks messed up because I had trouble opening the seal. I ended up twisting the tube when it was still closed. Darling looks way to light to me. I probably going to be swapping this if there is any interest. I'm probably not even going to swatch it- I can just tell already. A part of me is just still curious though.

Everything else was extra! Thank you so much girls!!

Catrice Absolute Moisture Lipstick. It's a nice coral with some shimmer. Soft Coral or Spicy Coral... I forgot. I love the logo too! haha, remind you of something? I wonder if she knew?

Etos Baked Eyeshadow. The pigmentation is really good! I love it! I always wanted to try a shadow from overseas. I heard something in them (not allowed in US) makes them much better. I love something a little illegal. I also have a new love for baked eyeshadows. Thank you so much for going out of the way to include these extras :)

It's exciting to try things from other countries, and I'm so lucky to have made friends from all over the world. You gals are the best! If anyone needs help locating something- don't hesitate to ask!

Next up: Sasa Haul Revealed...