Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend! There were lots of things going on for me. Two birthdays, Asian New Year's and Valentine's! Sorry this is a fluff blog post of pics. Here they are...

Food spread from our combined parties! Yum, I think I ate too much...

It's amazing what circle lenses, makeup and a flattering angle can do for a girl. I look so different without all this makeup...
For the lips, I tried layering Revlon Soft Nude over Maybelline Pink Please. This is the result. It's less bright in-person. If you find that the Revlon lipstick accents your lip lines, try layering it over one that doesn't.
You can hardly tell but I'm wearing Benefit blush/bronzer in 10 on my cheeks. My new purchase off e-bay. I finally have it! I've wanted it for a couple years now...

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Pearls in Lawless Lavendar- I really like this. I've always wanted to try a baked shadow! Thanks Megan!!
Maybelline XXL Pro Curl Mascara- only used the mascara side of it. It's nice, but the wand is too curly? It def made my lashes fuller. Do you think I still need falsies?
L'oreal Lineur Intense- good for winging the top line, stays put.
MUFE eyeliner pencil in Black and Purple- tightlined upper lashes, stays put (purple for lower corner lash)

Lisa of HQCD generously offered up her MUFE primer, and me being MUFE crazy jumped at that. :) She is so amazing; she stuffed that box full of goodies. Even though she's a full time student and makes fantastic jewelry, she's still got time to make caramels! Your friendship means so much to me. <3

They are delicious and so soft! Thank you!

I also got special treats from Stacy, Steph, and Megan! Thanks for all the love! <3

A preview of my new limited key collection in my shop later today! They are one-of-a-kind keys! :)

I recently came across WongFu Productions again. I was glad to find out they are still making videos. They are most known for their video "Yellow Fever." If you watch that then watch this you can see how far they've come. Anyhow, this vid is really funny! Enjoy!