Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big deal about Lush?

I hit the Lush store on Sunday for the first time to get some prizes for the giveaway on my other blog. So apparently I haven't been in here before. I got this confused with Sabon in NYC. Sabon is amazing btw. I forgot what scents I liked, and there are no stores near me. :( Atleast now they have a working website. As far as overpriced soaps go, yes please! I know the difference between the two but all I can remember in my head are rows and rows of soap- no scents. So that was Sabon not Lush in my memory. Lush has soaps in stacks not rows... Now back to Lush, haha.

When I walked in I was greeted and whisked straight to some products to try. The guy showing me around was really helpful and jolly. They definitely hire the high-engry happy types here. No grumps allowed in soap land. He had a lot to say even showing me the stretch marks on his arms, haha. For this and all other skin problems he recommended the "Buffy" bar (square block in left corner). Like a lamb I succumbed. It seemed okay and the smell was not offensive. Maybe it'll help my kp.

The product demonstrations consisted of me layering on lotion after lotions after soap after soap? I can't remember what they were but it was just way too much for a simple gal like me.

He demoed the Ex-Factor bath bomb (blue guy) in a tub of water by breaking off appendages one by one. hence the name- the ex factor. The water was "soft" like he described. It fizzed and made the water blue which was cool. Then he took me over to the sink, thew in a comforter bubble bar and poured in the giant tub of ex-factor bomb water into the sink for "cock-tailing" as they like to call it when they mix products. Those two make the water "extra soft." Which is true, it did!

Cute like a voodoo doll. The bag of Lush stuff was sitting under my desk and one scent kept popping into my nose. This guy was the culprit. I think it's too concentrated as a solid. It smelled much better when dissolved in water. Jen wanted to try this, so it'll be going to her.

So far I've only tried Sultana.

Other things I got:
Whoosh shower jelly- bright blue and wiggly citrus jelly for the shower (grapefruit, lemon and lime). so curious after the guy demoed the lavender one. It didn't break apart like I thought it would.

Angels on Bare Skin cleanser- looked like a turd on the website so I had to try this. Also highly recommended on my giveaway. it looks like it has dill seeds, but I guess it's lavender? The smell is not that great, but it's decent.

Sultana- favorite in the store. one girl said she works at lush just for that one. really? I really like it at the store, at home, in the shower.. then I didn't like it so much lingering on me 3hrs later. I dunno. It's pretty with berries on/in it. (fruity and floral fragrance of olibanum and bergamot oils) apparently I like bergamot...

I Should Coco Soap- nice light coco smell (creamed coconut infusion)

Sexy Peel Soap- really good citrus smell. highly recommended so far (lemon and lime marmelade) to give or keep? ahaha.

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap- #1 rec'd on the giveaway. very nice! (toffee scented, bergamot and sweet orange) Jen is getting this too, hehe.

Rock Star Soap- too sweet for me but a fav for many (bubble gum and vanilla)

Tramp Shower Gel- I don't know what's in it but I know I don't like it... too earthy.

I only had the balls to ask for two samples. Angels on  Bare skin and I Should Coco. They are generous sizes and prolly worth $3 each. They did give two extra pre-packed samples at checkout. Rock star soap and tramp shower gel. I managed to stay in my budget! I decided on an amount in my head during the long drive there.

Anyway, during checkout the lady told me I had good taste for a first-timer. That's praise I like to hear! haha, I'm so picky on bath stuff. I loathe b&bw scents.

I think I tried to sniff everything in the store. ha, you can't without dying. My nose got overloaded and I started sneezing. That's my cue to leave! Until next time!

Conclusion: Lush is a fun store to visit. So far I think it's overrated even though I'll probably be back!

So of course I stopped by Sephora to play around. I saw this Miss Dior Cherie mini perfume bottle on the counter and spazzed. I LOVE this scent but the full size is $95 ish and I can't justify getting it b/c I'll never use it all. I like getting the smallest size I can find since I don't even use perfume everyday. This was the beauty insider freebie, so I just grabbed a cheap lip liner to get this baby. I always hoard my points for something better to come along, like the holy grail. haha.

btw, these pics are from my DAILYBOOTH account. You can post pics directly from your webcam. I like this b/c my camera is always in the other room. Sign up and we can follow each other!

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