Thursday, February 4, 2010

Since Beauty Blogging

So I decided to not let my ass off this chair until I make a post here!

I just checked, and I've been blogging for almost 9 months now! whoa! It started off with me watching people putting on makeup on youtube (before they were called GURUS). Then I decided I wanted to share my own input instead of just lurking on other people's blogs. I've actually blogged since 2003. I went from emo blog, to photo blog, to live journal, to no blog, and now back to blogger via makeup obsession.

So a few days ago I came across Sparkle is my Crack where Lisa made a post of things she things she has started doing since blogging. I thought this was a cool idea, so here's mine!

1. New vocabulary words
When I first started reading blogs, I'd be like WHAT THE F--- is an EOTD  or FOTD?? I didn't want to ask and sound like a dumb nut. I think I screamed when I finally figured it out. A scream of shock because it was so dumb. Then there's HG (holy grail) and DD (dear daughter). Those are stupid terms in my opinion. I think there are still some out there that I haven't figured out yet. I used EOTD in some of my posts now just to torture some sad fool like me. I can be slightly evil.

2. More new vocabulary
The word HAUL. To me hauling meant pulling something or hauling oats or haul your ass over here. Now it's used in regards to buying lots of stuff. I think Aubrey / fafinettex3 coined this word. She'd be hauling this and that (okay mostly MAC) but I was always surprised at how much people hauled at one time. Then there's the collective hauling with tons of stuff x tons of stuff.  (damn, after i typed this I went to check if I spelled her name right and now I want a lippie she just "hauled." crap.)

3. Swapping
I did a few swaps here and there before blogging via Makeup Alley, but I never had much (or wanted much) then. Now I have too much stuff and want too much stuff, lol. Plus, I really prefer blog swapping much more! Less chance of swap-lifting and you can sell your stash for cash. I've met so many beautiful and nice ladies here on blogger- love swapping with ya! I feel really fortunate to have met you all!

4. Reusing padded envelopes
Some of my swaps on makeup alley came in the envelope that I had sent them first. At first I thought it was weird and cheap. Now I'm okay with it b/c I realize those padded envelops really add up. I think it's $1.29 for a decent sized one at regular price. It's best to buy in bulk when Walgreens has them for 3/$1. But reusing is good too I think. Remember, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse? They made us chant this in elementary school. I reuse envelopes for swapping only, not for jewelry sales btw. If the envelope looks dirty or is falling apart, don't reuse it. What I do is cut off the old flap, cut into one side a rectangle so I can fold over a new section, and tape it down.

5. Not using makeup my mom suggested
My mom suggested Estee Lauder foundation to me my senior year or highschool. It seems like the mom-foundation makeup brand. Sad for them. Their gold packaging reminds me of YSL but YSL seems to sell better thanks to makeup gurus. haha. Anyhow, I realize now my mom's knowledge of makeup is limited, and since then I have been experimenting with lots of different brands.

6. Buying makeup products weekly
I used to buy every now and then, but now I'm always buzzing around the makeup section like an obsessed makeup junkie or stalking the internet for deals.

7. Overflowing drawer of makeup
Before blogging I tried to keep my makeup to one drawer, but now it's spread to my dresser... floor... boxes... my room's a mess!

8. Stacks of  packing boxes
This goes with #4 of reusing envelopes. I keep some of the shipping boxes I get so I can reuse them later. It really comes in handy when I'm in a pinch. I mostly flatten them and stash them away, but they grow in numbers... Oh yes, please reuse the boxes I mail things out in. :)

9. Trying bronzer
I never tried bronzer because I didn't want to be darker. I thought it was suppossed to just make you look tan, and that's the last thing I wanted. Now I know better, but I still stuck at it. sticking to blush/bronzer mixes.

10. Got sucked into buying things I didn't really want/need.
There's something about seeing someone else have something that works for them and wanting it for yourself. It's like we're on the never-ending quest to find the perfect blush or lipstick etc. Pretty on you? okay pretty on me!! 

11. Wear lipstick
I never really wore lipstick unless I went to a party. Now I put it on at weird times of the day so I can stare at my lips or test out products. It's so weird. Now I'm so curious I even want to buy a mac one. I used to just love my lip color with any sheer gloss b/c they are so pigmented, but now I know too much of what's out there...

12. Pictures of myself
Started taking pictures of my eyeballs. Currently it was only available to those of the cast of Lost.

13. No Gardening
I used to garden a hell of a lot more. Now I'm always on the computer. I even forgot to plant my bulbs this winter. It's not too late yet, but I'm just lazy now. The old hyacinths from last year already came up b/c Texas weather is crazy. Bulbs come up after it gets gold then warm . Well Texas gets cold and warm so often the bulbs are confused. They're supposed to come up in March/April.

I think there's tons more, but I'll save it for another time. I hope this long ass post makes up for my lack of blogging. I will try to post some Alice stuff on my jewelry blog later tonight! :)

Please do this on your blog if you want!! I'd love to read it! There is no limit or number required. Just whatever comes to mind.

Some swaps I did in January. Thanks ladies! <3

Swap with Megan. That's Rimmel Airy Fairy! Very close to what I want to dupe. I love the edm brushes! See how I made one dirty already? thanks so much! <3

Swap with Steph. Thanks for all the goods! The eye shadows are great! Sadly Nymph makes me look like I'm wearing glue... lol. Plus I was always curious about those revlon glosses. The minerals are a little yellow, but I can make it work. <3 you.

Swap with Jessie. She was kind enough to help me find Rimmel Nude Delight b/c they don't sell it where I am. I swapped her some batiste and candy. That girl's got a sweet tooth like me! Thanks for the minerals! <3 I'm on a mineral kick right now. hehe.