Friday, January 1, 2010

Tortured by Avatar and EOTD

Today I finally went to see Avatar with my good friend from highschool. We tried to see it on Tuesday, but they were sold out so we bought tickets for the next day same time. For some reason I thought it only took 30 minutes to get there to the IMAX theater. Boy was I wrong. On Thursday there was traffic at 1pm for I dunno what, so we arrived at the theater at about 2:15? and the movie started at 1:50pm... oops! We were just like, well, we'll finally see MOST of the movie this time. So of course there were NO seats! We ended up in the second row from the front after climbing over people to get there. I've never sat that close before. I usually try to avoid sitting in the front at all costs, but I was just like "whatever" this time since we were so late! Once I was with my brother and sister and they ended up sitting in the front, and I just sat by myself somewhere else. I'd hate to do that with friends, but with family I guess I can just be rude! hehe.

Gross Alert:
So yes, sitting in the front... I had nausea for most of the movie. I almost threw up 3 times. You know when your mouth starts watering it means you are going to throw up. The third time my mouth watered it was dripping out of my mouth, omg so gross. To clarify it was only water or saliva. No actual upchuck. I didn't even eat anything yet. I also felt some pressure coming up like if I let loose there would be spew to the guy in front of me. Instead of getting up I'd rather just sit there in silent pain. I'm just weird like that. There were times I felt normal so I just tried to enjoy it while I could. I either had my eyes closed or stared at the bottom third of the screen. I kept wondering when the movie was gonna end. :(

PLUS, my nose is flat which made the 3-d glasses uncomfortable! I specifically put in my contacts so the glasses could fit better (in my thinking), but I think now it would've been better to wear my glasses so the 3-d ones would have something to sit on.

Why do they bother having those torture chairs at all? Why was I the only one getting sick?

Despite all the torture and what I could see, the movie was still good! hahaha. And my friend bought me a drink afterward, that helped! I wouldn't mind seeing it again in a non-3d way from the back row. err.. maybe i'll just go see The Nine!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Mine was pretty low key this year. That's good anyway due to my headache from earlier! I ended up snacking on kettle corn, and tortillas chips with a chili-creamcheese-cheddar dip while watching Message in a Bottle. My dad REALLY wanted to watch it with us. It was good, but sad! :( He loves sad songs and sad movies.

Here's a look I did sitting in front of the computer watching this tutorial by another Stephanie!

My first Eye Of The Day?
About Face Shadow Magnet
L'oreal Platinum Duo
I didn't have any light blues so I used Indigo from Ulta.
Origins Sun Tan eyeshadow
Mac Shroom eyeshadow
Lancome Definicils HD Mascara
MUFE black liner
Angel Grey lenses