Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cooking: Dofu Agar Agar Jello

Some of you were curious about this Asian jello I made, so I took some photos this time. This brand is different from what I made last week. It required milk and last week's did not. Also, it says Dofu which sounds like Tofu, which can explain why it's mushier than last week's jello.

Mix the packet of powder with the amount of water it tells you to and bring to a boil.

The top part will turn white. Turn off the heat. Measure out the milk.

Stir in the milk and mix well.

Mixed and ready to scoop.

I used this brownie silicone mold and some Japanese egg shapers.

The rest was just poured into a cake pan. I didn't have any more molds. Let it cool to room temperature so you can move it to the fridge without it splashing everywhere.

Chill it in the fridge until it's set. Pop out the jellies or use a toothpick to remove them. These ended up more mushy than I thought they would be. You can hardly pick them up without it breaking. I won't be buying this brand anymore.

I think this is what I made last time. Only, this box says add milk too! I know last week I didn't add milk because I didn't have any and that's why I made it. But this box does not say Dofu, so that's promising. See how there is kind of a fruit cocktail mixed with the gelatin? The gelatin should be hard enough so that it can be cut and mixed up with other things, not mush to pieces. The edges are sharp in the photo on the box. If you look at the first box, the pieces look softer. I think everything came out like it should've in the end.

Agar Agar is derived from seaweed, but it does not taste like seaweed. It's just a natural gelatin unlike American jello.

What my parents think is romantic: Dying each others gray hair!
When I popped in tonight I didn't see anyone... Then they both came out of the bathroom with dye still in their hair and plastic on their shoulders. What a weird image. So that's what they do when I'm not around...