Friday, January 15, 2010

Mail Love from Megan

Gotta post some stuff so I can bury the food posts. I don't want Megan to run out in the middle of the night on a hunt for spring rolls!

Megan sent me this package after I surprised her with Christmas gifts in our swap. She really wanted the HiP gunmetal duo, and I wanted to try some fancy korean lashes, so that's what we swapped! Thank you! The Darkness lashes look so nice! Not too scary, lol.

Gotta be the cutest Hello Kitty stickers I've ever seen!

Flirt eyeshadows from Kohls! They're pretty good eyeshadows especially when you have Kohl's Cash to spend! They're not the most pigmented on their own, but they have really pretty colors! It's great over any eyeshadow base. I think they're generally better than some drugstore brands for sure. The packaging has got to be the worst ever though, it's hard to figure out how to open it the first time. I ended up depotting my other ones. The shadow pans are very magnetic so they'll stick to any magnet-backed palette.

Limoncello (on my wishlist! I have a weird thing for lime shadows. I'm all satisfied now!)

Moonstone (like some of my usernames. it's my birthstone.)

Lime Light (pretty and iridescent)

swatched on base from L to R: Limoncello, Moonstone, Lime Light

Thank you Megan! <3

I'm so behind on all my posts. I've got more mail posts and tags to do, then I can do reviews!