Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Beauty Favorites - A Tag

Steph of tagged me for a beauty survey! It's not too late right? I mean the Academy Awards don't even go on until February...

1-Which lipstick/ lipgloss did you use most often in 2010?
Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige - soon to be discontinued?

2-What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?
Crazy but I didn't really have a favorite. I would say my Milani Liquif Eye liner in Black is my favorite eyeliner though!

3-What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD- It lasts about 6 hours on me. The skin looks smooth when it's first applied. I've purchased this twice already!

Blush: Mac Ripe Peach- Instant highlight and contour with the right touch! I would never have picked this for a blush color if not for the hype. Glad I did!

Highlighter: Light side of the Benefit 10 blush/bronze- All benefit blushes are really just awesome.

4-Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?
Chanel Jade Rose
The perfect pinky nude for me!

5-Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?
Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.
The only thing that keeps the pimples away! I NEED this.

6-What is your favorite personal care product?
Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths
This will sound gross but when I was in Viet Nam I was scared to wash my face (1. because the bathroom was creepy, 2. because the water was creepy, and 3. because the faucet was creepy). So I brought these along, and I used them everyday to remove my makeup. I did not have a pimple the whole time I was there- so yeah I'd say these were GREAT! And Yes I did brush my teeth with the water. It's also great for when you get home late and are too tired to wash your face- or it's too cold...

7-Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?
I did not wear fragrance much this year but I discovered Gucci's Flora and I still love it. I bet Coach Poppy would make a close second if I had it. We'll see in 2011.

8-What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?
My Taro Black Tea Earrings. It has my favorite colors and it's named after my favorite drink!

9-What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?
-My favorite new youtube discoveries would have to be MzFili and Dustin Hunter!
-Petite Bloggers like Jean of or Kelly of
-Seche Vite

10-Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?
-Blog more regularly
-Comment more regularly
-Trim down my makeup stash
-Shape up
-Actually dig into my Naked palette and other unused makeup I have
-Try darker eye looks (i.e. actually use the smokey colors instead of just collecting them because they are pretty)

11-Tag other people:

Phew! I  know I missed some but it's a long list already- please do this if you haven't. (I also tried not to tag you if you have a 2010 post already)