Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who is my surprise Angel?

Little did I know that I would be receiving my gift exchange surprise so quickly! If you remember from my last post I mentioned the Secret Angel or Devil gift exchange my friend Linda put together. Well I got a HUGE surprise today when I checked my porch! The pics will speak for themselves!

Here is the HUGE package. I was surprised to see this on my porch. I was like "who's getting married around here?" hehe. This is extremely well wrapped! It arrived perfectly unharmed. How much tape did you use, lady? The whole thing is wrapped in tape! My guess is that you're an Angel, Linda!

Super pretty packaging! Petals and peanuts! A sweetly typed letter! When I opened it there was a nice fragrance to it.

After I pawed through the petals I found this box. What's inside?

Asian goodies galore! Pocky, really pretty lashes I want to try out, nose strips, lash glue, and bath salt. This is so awesome because I was looking at some glue and nose strips on Sasa this week! Thank you! What's that in the corner?

OMG! The cutest coach wristlet! I like how the pink looks kind of like a ribbon. This is perfect for when I go out, and I don't need a clunky purse. I'm low maintenance (aka look like a mess) so I always have small purses.

The back of the purse is awesome, and I wanted to show my new favorite nail polish. Probably boring to most but Chanel's Jade Rose polish is perfect to me because it's a pretty nude peachy-pink. A great wedding color!

I wanted to show you all how awesome the wrapping on this is. I want to keep this box forever! haha. She even wrapped the bottom!! Oh look, there's one more present!

Aww, a cute jar that will look nice on my shelf.

A look inside. I think putting those folded stars in here will look good.

Thank you again Linda! I'm so glad you were my secret elf. I can tell you put a lot of love and work into all of this, and I really appreciate it all! I can't wait to read about the rest of you angels and devils.