Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Secret Santa for the Summer- please join!

My friend Linda is hosting a secret santa in the summer called "Secret Angel or Devil" that can be found here. Please join! We are looking for more ladies to participate. You need to be an active blogger and the spending limit is $25-$45 USD including shipping.

So are you an Angel or a Devil? The angel and devil aspect involves the wrapping of the present, not the present itself. It's not limited to makeup- it can be whatever!

Today is the last day to join but she may be extending the deadline... please join asap!

On another note.. I've been really amused with this site I found called Quote URL where you can group together people's tweets and even embed it into your blog like so! If you don't get it you can watch the demo video on their site.

  1. My Makeup Blog
    MyMakeupBlog Latest: My Favorite Pair of Earrings from Julu Jewelry
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

 I made your favorite pair of earrings? What an honor!! I dunno if you know this but I started blogging because of you! <3

Shout out to Megan for sending me this gorgeous palette for my birthday! Mac Graphic Gardens. I finally made a proper whore look using this so thanks! :D

This is so gorgeous! It's everything I dreamed of and more!! Thank you!

You must join Milk and Cookiie's Giveaway! I love how they always make it a game. They even made a video this time! eek! I love seeing you bloggers "in person."

This time you have to try and guess what this is! I don't know, but I'll be working on it.

A look at the prizes!