Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KEANE concert and Elephants downtown!

It's been a long 5 years since Keane came anywhere near me. When they first came to Dallas I was a lot younger, and I couldn't make it out to a show that was 45mins away which started at 11pm. (strict asian parents) I had just begun liking them so I was bummed that I couldn't go but not THAT bummed. So as the years go on for some reason they never came back! It wasn't just big-D though, they only played 2 US cities on the last world tour. How lame! So you know when I got the chance to finally see them live this Monday I jumped at that full speed!

I've only been to a few other band concerts, and they were just "okay" because I was always sitting in the back far away. I told myself I have to be in the pit for every concert I go to from now on. It's just looks like so much more fun and the energy is better. This venue (House the Blues) was sort of small so it was standing room only on the bottom floor. It was great! We got in the center and half-way up to the stage. Times like these though I wish I was a couple inches taller!

I like the fist in this photo. YEAH!

There was so much passion in his singing. It was AMAZING to see them live. CD recordings just can't do him justice. While I was watching I had a moment of bliss and wondering why I don't see more shows.

Surprised I got this close up so clear! :D

Gotta love those broad British shoulders hehe.

TRAGIC story time! Guess what? My camera's memory card F-ing DIED! And this was BEFORE they even got on stage! During the downtime I was taking pics of random things like the "evil eye" above the stage and after that it totally cursed my camera and the card broke, WTF! I was so so pissed. Of all the friggin times... So I only had one choice. Delete Sarah's graduation pics from my internal memory lol. I saved 2 okay? haha. (my dad took some too and we bought some as well. so we do have pics.) That left me with 14 pics so I  had to choose wisely...

I don't have a pic for this next story... but anyway Ingrid Michaelson was the first act and someone threw a Chick-fil-a bag at her during her show! She was like "wth" and then she and her band mates ate the sandwich. She's weird in a good way and she even wrote an impromptu song about it. It's on youtube already.

I wish Keane was more popular here in the States. They are super famous and loved in the UK. Tell me if you love them in the comments!

There were a lot more guy fans here than I would have imagined. I need to find a Keane loving guy hehe.

Crystal Ball was the last song of the night, and I was so happy to hear it and jumping like a mad woman. :D

Of course we had to wait by the back door to try and get pictures with the band! I think we waited an hour or so for them to come out. I didn't mind it but my feet were in pain from standing for 5 hours. Well once they came out all the pain was gone! Apparently they all took showers before greeting us. That's good though because they looked rather sweaty on stage. :P

Richard the awesome drummer and photo blogger! He's gotta be the nicest and most friendly of them all. I was watching and he was cool enough to stop and chat with the fans for more than 2 seconds ya know?

Tim the pianist/song writer. He's a really good singer too! His first singing song is actually "Your Love" from the new album, and it's so good. He actually helped write a Gwen Stefani song called "Early Winter" which is probably one of my top played itunes songs. He also has another one with Kylie Minogue called "Everything is Beautiful". He was really nice too. I told him he should sing more solos in the future and he got all embarrassed/flustered. haha. Doesn't he look like a hotter Eric McCormak (will&grace) or Adam Levine (Maroon 5)? Swoon.

Finally Tom (lead singer) came out! We were totally psyched to meet him! To be honest he wasn't as friendly as the other members with the fans. He was kinda rushing the autographs and skipped Sarah's! bah, but she didn't care that much. Autographs are kinda "eh" anyway. Photos are much more awesome! He came back down the line a second time for photos. We decided to get all three of us in there and the girl next to us was kind enough to take our photo. Thanks random girl!

Random but this other girl from down the line came up to us and asked us if we could take her photo and send it to her. Yes of course I would help her except I only had one shot left, and Sarah's camera sucks and was running out of batteries. We had major camera failure that night. She kinda ran away.. I hope she got her photo.

Down Lamar Street there was a parade of elephants... yes it was pretty cool to see. Apparently there for the circus. Don't think I've ever been that close to an elephant! (see how crappy Sarah's camera is?)

So I've finally seen all my three top bands live. Keane, The Strokes, and The Killers. I'm pretty happy! I've been riding on a Keane cloud.