Monday, July 12, 2010

Hautelook Rock and Republic sale BLUSHES

Oooh ah it's that time again for a Rock and Republic SALE! If you don't know by now these are highly coveted blushes and they only come on sale every once in awhile. So when you see them you've just got to grab it up! They've been on Hautelook and Editor's Closet so far for 40-50% off retail. Right now they are 50% off retail ($40) which brings it down to $20. Sale event ends: Wed, 7/14 at 8:00 AM PT

You know how everyone was always talking about Nars blushes blah blah the big O blush. Well these are the new hot blush if haven't noticed. Smooth and silky, highly pigmented, lush packaging, and will last a very long time.


If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and leave your email so I can respond back to you! I just wanted to leave you with some pics of my purchase from editor's closet. :D It took a really long time from editor's closet due to an error on their part. I've noticed that their website has very much improved so I don't think I would have to wait that long next time. Now Hautelook shipping does take a long time too. R&R will ship the inventory to Hautelook and then they will pack the items and ship it to you.

I love the weighty packaging! It's so luxe!

This is Spank. SPANK! what an awesome name. I got lots of spanking as a child. Maybe even as an older child, lol.

CALL ME. The "better than Orgasm" blush. :D

See how much product this is? 9 grams for pete's sake!

Let me know down below what you have or what you want to buy!
I want to buy atleast ONE more.. probably bedroom?