Thursday, June 10, 2010

The original EOS Lipbalm

While here in Vietnam I'm enjoying the original EOS lipbalm. Rambutan! Or better known as Chom Chom in Vietnamese.

Trying on my Chom Chom.

It's very much like lychees but it has a almond shaped seed in the middle instead of a round black seed. It sticks to the seed so you may end up eating the outer layer of the seed (not tasty). The outer layer kinda tastes like wood lol. The fleshy part is really good and very sweet!

Facebook is blocked in Vietnam... haha I didn't know that. I only need to go on there to check on my farm in farmville hehe. But oh well.

It's REALLY hot here but I feel like Texas was hotter when we left. The Texas heat felt like burning heat, but here it's more humid and I'm sweating a lot. Luckily we've got the a/c going in our room and fans in rooms that don't have an a/c. Sometimes the whole street will black out and that means no a/c for anyone.. Hoping that doesn't happen this time.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon and night in the city. I had a really good mango smoothie from Tutti Fruti(under $2) and then we went looking around Ben Thanh Market for crap. haha. There were lots of tourists everywhere. The stuff at Ben Thanh and around is more expensive than other places. Plus it sucks that they don't bargain with you anymore.

Ater that we ate at Pho 24. I'm pretty sure it's a chain restaurant. The pho is supposed to be really good but we thought it was too salty. I ended up with the rice plate and I felt like it was too westernized. The pork had that bbq sauce which I thought was weird. Everything else was good though. It was only $3 for the plate so I can't complain. I ordered a special where you could pick 4 of 7 items plus rice so it was a really good deal!