Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm back and some thank yous

Hello! As some of you know (who follow me on twitter) I'm back in the States! For June I went to Vietnam to visit my grandfather with my family. It was my third time visiting in 5 years and it was still a lot of fun! It was really sad to leave knowing I may never see him again, so I was feeling kinda dumpy but now all is getting back to normal. Starting off with blogging again! I know it's probably been a really long time! I'm still sorting through the 1,000+ pics I took (not including my dad's camera) so it'll be a bit before I can post some of those. I'll probably try to break it up into just a few posts and then get back to beauty reviews/hauls and stuff.

But first I wanted to thank the gals who sent me some surprise gifts before I left! I really don't know what I did to receive such kindness from you girls, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

The one and onlylindah passed some goodies along to me while she was in the process of cleaning up her room. One girl's clutter is another girl's treasure! (lame wording I know) Thank you Linda! I've never tried the Shadow Insurance before. I've tried it by now and it seems to work pretty well. Lately I've been obsessed with Rimmel lipsticks. Thank you! And what's up with that dog in curlers pic lol?

Jessie and I have been swapping packages back and forth but it's still always a surprise to find these wonderful lippies in my mailbox. Thank you! She's my main supplier of Nude Delight by Rimmel haha. Favorite lip color! If you can't find it.. peachstock by mac is a close dupe in color but not finish. The Boots lippie is really awesome too. I've been interested in their products after watching brittish vloggers. :)

And Stacey omg! Thank you so much! She's like my sugar dealer from Japan. Always getting me high on stuff. It should be illegal! She remembered me saying something about hoarding peach candy for 5 yrs until it was spoiled haha. Thank you for the gum it is really good! Along with it all! It's all friggin really good candy! Stacey is one of my "lovely ladies" to the right lol. I wish I could get my curls as adorable as yours.

Amy surprised me with an early birthday gift! She knew I was a fellow gemini, and it was really sweet of her to send treats all the way from Canada! Is she a mind reader? How did she know I was lemming to try Annabelle cosmetics? hehe. Though we do have Nestle here I've never seen those candies before. The Smarties are similar to M&Ms except they are really cool colors instead of boring primary colors. I remember when M&Ms thought it was riske to put out a blue one haha. And the Aero chocolate? Why don't they sell this in the US? It's so good!

Sweet Lulu surprised me with packs upon packs of tea! I imagined like one pack of tea and she bombed me with these goodies. You are just the sweetest! Thank you! She's a fellow Kit-Kat lover + the queen of green tea lattes here on blogger. I think she started the whole craze. I find that we enable each other to eat / drink sweets more than we should haha. She got me hooked on these Mango flavored Hi-chews. I didn't know know mango flavor existed for it. It tastes remarkably like a Mango of course!

I can't believe I've met such sweet and generous ladies here on blogger! I'm looking forward to another year of friendship and getting to know you and all of my readers a little bit more! I don't really have that many friends in real life lately so blogging and sharing with you all really fills that void. :) None of my friends in real life even "like" makeup...

P.S. if there's any candy missing it's because I ate it before I even took the pic haha! :D