Monday, June 8, 2009

NYX from Cherry Culture, tip for free shipping

Hey, so this is what I ordered from Cherry Culture. I wasn't going to order anything, but they were offering free shipping during the last few days of the sale, so I jumped on that.

I love the trio on the left. They are really great neutrals! It didn't look like much in the photos that I've seen, but it's my favorite. I grab for it every time now! I don't have Mac shadows to compare, but I've read it's a great alternative. I've replaced most of my old eyeshadows with these!

From left to right:
#19 Barely There, Champagne, Root Beer
#12 Aloha, Mink Brown, Dark Bronze
#39 Casablanca (Pewter, Soft Pink, Slate)

Pearl Mania in Sky Pink and Nude.
I satisfied with the pigments. Very sparkly and good pigmentation. I'm not much of a pigment person because of the mess, but I like pressing them! I got these two pressed with alcohol and glycerin in homemade foil pans, and then I baked them. The nude one won't pick up because I added too much glycerin, so I'll be making a new one once I get the pans in.

Pencils in Lime and Pink
The pencils are horrible! What a waste of $1!! Bad color, no pigmentation, not smooth. Everything a pencil shouldn't be!

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. It was only $16 for all of it. I'm glad I got into the NYX trio craze. :) I would recommend getting some next time there is a sale or you have coupons for Ulta. Last big sale they offered free shipping on ANY order near the end of the sale. So sign up for the emails, and just wait for it to come. If they don't by the next to last day, then they may not be offering it, so just order it if you still want it. That's my tip!