Sunday, June 14, 2009

eki cosplay contest entry

I was trolling around some blogs earlier today, and I came across From Head To Toe. She submitted a look for a cosplay contest by ekimura. Ekimura's site is so cute! The contest looked really fun, so I thought I could use this look I did of my sister a couple weeks ago. It ends tonight so I didn't have much time to put something together. I hope you will accept this as an entry even though it is not me. Link to contest page.

If you are wondering about the look, it's originally based off Lady Gaga's silver eye look in her poker face video. But really it looks more like Elizabeth from Persona 3 if she went rocker-chic. So it's an Elizabeth P3 Rocker look. I don't play Persona 3 but my sister Sarah does. So she had her had in this as well. I have pics of the products I used and Elizabeth's screen shot after the break.