Thursday, June 11, 2009

Max Factor Review, Discontinued in 2010

I'm a bzzAgent, and they sent me a mascara and two lipsticks to review. I haven't tried the mascara yet because I'm still working on the 2 others I have opened already.

The lipsticks in Ms. Right 44 and Vegas Baby 72 are great (L-R). They are smooth and pigmented. I love the color of Vegas Baby. I can't pull off a red lip yet... I'm not a diva. I like to pair dark eyes with a nude lip. I think they are better than NYX's circle lipsticks. Those are drying, these are not! The last one of the right, Skinny Dip 20, I bought myself because I wanted a more nude shade that Vegas Baby wasn't. I like it better; it's more pinky nude. These are great lipsticks all in all, but I wouldn't buy them again simply because I never seem to run out of lipsticks. I have so many free ones from gwp. Don't we all?

Sadly Max Factor is no longer going to be sold in the US by early 2010. CLICK for story. It will be sold overseas where it is more popular. It's kinda sad because I think the products are better than Covergirl, oh well!

There is a D Magazine/Max Factor Face of Dallas party tonight. I got on the list, but I'm too lazy to go all the way to Dallas. I won't know anybody, and traffic's a bitch. I've always wanted to see the W Hotel and get a swag bag...